5g SG 50th Birthday Silver Medallion Keychain

SGD$ 60.00/piece
PGTS 2,303.00/piece
ETH 0.16/piece

Iconic Reverse Design
The Singapore's 50th Birthday silver medallion design portrays Singapore’s national mascot, the Merlion, Singapore’s map, the crescent moon and five stars which are iconic of Singapore’s flag, and five fighter planes flying over the Singapore map.
The design also includes the inscription 50th BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE, the medallion’s weight and fineness, and GoldSilver Refinery’s “GS” logo mark.
Product Detail :
Limited Mintage: 2,000 pcs
Availability: In stock
Condition: Uncirculated
Material: 999 Silver
Product Year: 2014
Product Size: 20.5mm
Weight: 5g
Commissionable Value: .00

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