Wildlife GOLD Collection

1g Giraffe (Male) Gold Bar

SGD141.86/Piece .

Giraffes hold a lot of symbolic meanings, one of which is a messenger to remind us that we all are grandiose beings with remarkable potential to rise ourselves up to a challenge. Thus, giraffes encourage us to elongate our vision, stretch ourselves, and reach as far as we can.
Giraffes also symbolises grace, a disposition that requires compassion toward others and the desire to extend goodwill. Just as God extends grace to us, a giraffe reminds us to also pass on this grace to others.
999.9 Fine Gold
The image of a male giraffe is embossed on a 1g 999.9 fine gold bar.
Iconic Reverse Design
The 1g Giraffe Gold Bar design portrays an image of a male giraffe. The design also includes the inscription GIRAFFE, MADE IN SINGAPORE and the Medallion’s weight and fineness.
Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Each bar is accompanied by a GS Assay Certification of Authenticity.
Product detail
Current Mintage: 5,000 pcs
Availability: In stock
Condition: Uncirculated
Material: 999.9 Fine Gold
Product Year: 2013
Product Size: 8.20mm x 16.20mm
Weight: 1 Grams

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